Businesses today are facing growing pressure from stakeholders to demonstrate their sustainability efforts and effectively communicate their corporate responsibility. This need not be seen as a threat to the success of your business. Strategic corporate responsibility is arguably the biggest business opportunity of the 21st Century.

At Taigawise we know that corporate responsibility and sustainability can never be effective without knowledge and buy in across your organization. Sustainability doesn’t happen in a remote corner of the marketing and communications department. It must be embedded in your organizations strategy and direction, ingrained in the shared attitudes and beliefs that make up your culture, and present in ways that inform every action and decision taken.

If you’re looking for a more holistic picture of where your company stands on sustainability and what additional actions are needed to advance your corporate responsibility strategy and performance, our services will show you the way by giving you a basis for implementing corporate responsibility into your overall business strategy. If you’re a new comer to corporate responsibility, we will give you a blue print approach to cold starting your own strategy and program.

Our services include:

  • Materiality analysis (according to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD)
  • Strategic sustainability and sustainability programs
  • Sustainability reporting and communications (GRI, SASB, CSRD…)

Our experienced advisors are there to help kick start and embed sustainability in your organizations overall strategy and build a sustainability program that is both good for the environment, people and society and to your business.

Are you interested in taking your sustainability efforts to the next level? Contact our sustainability advisor Hanna directly or fill in our contact form !